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Positivy Challenge #6 Dream vacation or place-live by Shinka1nation
Positivy Challenge #6 Dream vacation or place-live
For vacation, to any location with historical locations, mostly japan(all their shrines and castles), all europe (castles too), and really any place that have good archeology builds.
To live, thats a little more complex, but i really want a quiet place, i dont like noisy places, so any in middle of nowhere with a great view XDD
But i do love meet a lot of people too, soo i will travel around the world and talk to all the people on the way and then get back at "middleofnowherehome" to rest and repeat the same thing endlessly n_n)/ <3
The image for the doodle i chose Kanami from log horizon, i make it very simple beacause i dont fell very well today, if not i would do the hat and another pose :S
Positivy Challenge #5 Something that inspire you by Shinka1nation
Positivy Challenge #5 Something that inspire you
For me, finding something that inspire me its not that hard, i think is just im very crazy o somethink like that XD
But really my curiusity, overflows when i played one of my first rpg in the sega genesis "Shining Force 2"
Dont know why i played 2 first, neither why i didnt played a rpg in the snes, because i was a nintendo fan not a sega one.
But it really it me very hard, the music, the colorful characters, the combat animations, the sense of progretion
and even the dialogue that i didnt understand in totally (english is not my mother language) but even what uderstand was meaningfull to me
Since then al the fantasy stories really inspire me, and all the other thing inspire me to think them in a fantasy way XD
So I LOVE FANTASY, even when im a person who thinks about the reason of all things, i love fantasy
and when i discovery sciencie fiction, i almost pass out of joy XwX)/

Well about the drawing, is sarah from Shining Force 2, in her master monk variation
Dont uderestimated her, she is a very good helear but a even more powerful dps n_n)/ she is da best <3
Positivy Challenge #4 Someone who inspires you by Shinka1nation
Positivy Challenge #4 Someone who inspires you
Well i have a lot of people that had inspire me, family, friends, teachers, coachs, artirs, athlets, random people
in my opinion almost anyone can inspire you, if they do something that you want to do or you think that was impossibleand you want to be like them to do that amazing things too
Its a difficult feeling to describe, but is very powerful, and can help you do great thing
But for my self that loves fantasy, and of course anime, thinks about that worlds and become marvelous about all the amazing storys, characters, locations, and all of that you wish becomes true to live there
mostly because we dont like certain things about our world, but what this fantasy worlds teach me, is that anything that we want we can make it real, and become this worlds a better place even better than fantasy that we dream
And for this challenge i chosse the person that inspires all of you to this challenge (or force you, i dont know, maybe she is evil XS lol) Night Eyes, but in particular too, all the cosplayers that make or fantasy worlds become true no matter its just for a moment or is an acting, because they make us remember that feeling of inspire and do great thing with it, soo thank you and all to makes us feel that amazing way n_n)/ <3

But anyway, this is a alternative portrait of night eyes in her raider swuimsuit costume (Medusa is the best in fate universe owo)
i change some proportions because the reference picture is great, and i cant do that type of perspectives without my glases (and even with them DXX)
No tatoo because im to lazy, and is very great and complex, im not at that level right now X_X
Cosplayer-->Night Eyes 
Photograper--> Kaze Photography
Photo of reference----->…

Positivy Challenge #3 A song in your head by Shinka1nation
Positivy Challenge #3 A song in your head
Strange title beacause limit of letter inputs in DA titles XS
Recently i start watching musaigen no phantom world, and its ok i suppose dont like it very much
maybe its just no my style, i really feal that the main character is just there to accompany the others 
and whithout him the series will be the same, but any way,
the heroins are pretty good but koito minase is da best, her style is very appealing and her hair is soo cool owo)
I love the opening, is just a combination of great animation and marvelous music n_n)/
Just the start of it is enough to get you engage in the acttion and you want to go one two punch everything XD
The song is naked dive by SCREEN mode
Dont know if is only me, but the intro to the song sounds like a ost from a megami tensei game ~(?_?)~
full song->…
Positivy Challenge #2 A book that change your life by Shinka1nation
Positivy Challenge #2 A book that change your life
Dont know if i can call a visual novel a book, but muv alternative really dont have anithing of gamplay just a loot of text, so is fair to me XD
But this really had an impact in me in the narration aspect, it really makes you care about the characters and what could possible happend to them
even if you dont know them from the original game, and that it got a big impression in how i see a character develoment and how i want to write it in the future
Soo yeah, i dont read a loot of phisical books but i like games and i cant cheat with a visual novel like the muv luv series, but type moon novels are great too
and i want to read they newest one Mahoutsukai no Yoru when the translation is ready or i learn japanese what comes first

About the drawing, its mitsuru meiya from muv luv series, is my second favorite character from that series, and in alternative was most brave of all of them no spoilers intended
The only problem with this one was to take a photo of the drawing and not her crazy hair, and that was pretty strange for me, but i just have a shaky hand when i take a photo XS
If you want to learn more about this character the VN is fully translate it or go to the wiki, but there are spoilers so be aware Mitsurugi Meiya 
#nighteyespositivity‬ #ILoveMuvLuv n_n) <3


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