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Positivy Challenge #30 What changed? by Shinka1nation
Positivy Challenge #30 What changed?
Original Title: "post a past selfie and a current selfie. What changed? Compliment yourself. What are your future goals?"
Today is the final day of the challenge, gods mercy each day i thought i couldnt finisht it XS, but i did it, so there is no more fear of that XD
Well first the answer of the questions, then the description of todays doodle
What changed before and after i finisht this challenge
-I can say that i finally finish something again, thats a great thing for my recovery. And also that i lose a little fear to expose my skills in an area that i really suck XD
but thats always the first step to improve my work.
Compliment mysel??
-I have a hate-love relationship with myself, my inner self is like a tsundere, its a long time with the tsun tsun but when the dere appears its tottaly worth it n_n)/
What are your future goals?
-Well, first is to get healthy, second its start working in some of my projects that i keep them in stop, third distribute my finish works or keep studing in other areas that i like
maybe this time will be better than the last XD

Lastly is todays doodle character, thats again night eyes, because i think that improving in portraits, an also to thank her again because this challenge that make us improve
as a person and in any area that we want to improve.
I always say that to achieve greatness whe have to begin in the dust or maybe underground XD, but whe will raise into the sky and beyond, it will be a big hell and pretty hard too, 
but the when you success you will understand that all the pain and suffer wastn in vain
In a nutshell, thank you for give me an "excuse" to start something that i love again, even if i take it as an "excuse", in the reality is that i finish a task a plan that i can return 
to old self and improve it, that i can be better each day and that i will not lose time again, i want to be better to achive finally my goals, that these goals are even bigger than 
where before, but now i have the 
certainty that i can do it no matter how big or far they are.

Know this will be my motto, "I have succes the first time, and they defeat me, the second time i succes again, and they defeat me too, now is the third time, and i will success and it will not matter if they defeat me, because what i achieve will resonate beyond me and will be their first and final defeat"

I know that you will achieve your goals to, im pretty sure about that. And dont be afraid to point higher each time, im still sure that you will achieve that too.
Any one that read this(maybe no one) im sure that you will success too, and no one can tell you the other way, even if is against that what i believe, i know that you can success,
but i hope that what you seek will make this world better, because that should be our finale goal.

P.D: dont know, but night eyes looks in this doodle like a cuter version of victoria chase from life strange XDD
the reference for this doodle was her recent video that you can watch here ---->…
Its pretty inspirational, more if you have a problem, and even when you havent you can hear some honest and brave words and maybe learn something that you didnt though before
P.D.2: this is the final doodle from the challenge but i will continue to post more in the followings days, maybe at a slower rate but they will come n_n)/
Positivy Challenge #29 Dream for yourself in 5 yrs by Shinka1nation
Positivy Challenge #29 Dream for yourself in 5 yrs
In five years??, i dont know if i even be a live XD
But, dunno, sometimes in the past i try to predict the future and sometimes goes worse or better than i though
I hope to be a good person, as always wanted to be, but i always choose wisely
And hopely some of my projects will be finish, and a lot more that i will though in those five years
I got another chance in this life and i will seize my goals this time.

Doodle character: just a random oc for testing the short hair
Dunno if iike shorth or long hair more, both are great so dunno XS
Positivy Challenge #28 Favorite Quoute by Shinka1nation
Positivy Challenge #28 Favorite Quoute
Thats easy, but its not an line, its an creed, the valqyria creed from muv luv

"''Achieve your mission with all your might.

Despair not till your last breath.

Make your death count.''"

— - Part of the creed of the Valkyries…

If you not have a goal, there is not need to start
But if you set your goal, dont stop chasing it

Todays character, is an altered version of the Special Task Force A-01 aka Valqyries…
but using Marimo as the valqyria……
Even when she isnt an squad member, she is the one in charge of training her, soo in my book she and yuuko are the valqyria mothers n_n)7
Positivy Challenge #27 Fanday! by Shinka1nation
Positivy Challenge #27 Fanday!
Original Title: "Fanday! Let your freak flag fly, show us your fandom appreciation"
The only fandom that i would show without a doubt to anyone, it would anything from the muv luv series
Really love all the specially alternative timeline
I like too unlimited timeline but the other its more awesome
And with extra and altered fable is pretty funny, if you like school life visual novels, you will love them
The oficial muv luv is on steam available and i hope that in a not to far future the others vn would too
The character from the doodle is Kouzuki Yuuko a very important character mostly in the alternative timeline
I draw her in her young manga version, i had a nostalgic thing for her old strange hair, but the newest are cuter
Positivy Challenge #26 #NOFILTER selfie XS by Shinka1nation
Positivy Challenge #26 #NOFILTER selfie XS
Im not into the club of selfies, so i rather do a drawing instead XD
Nothing much to add, just a radom doodle that i did in a few minutes
it seems that the challenge is improving my skills n_n)/


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